Watch the ice caps melt – global warming animation

22,000 years of global warming, animated mapA visualization from Adiran Meyer and Karl Rege at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences mapping 22,000 years of changes in the Earth’s vegetation and ice coverage. The animation starts 21,000 years ago, the glacial maximum in the last ice age, and ends 1,000 years in the future. In the words of the authors:

The future projection is based on the assumption of complete cessation of carbon dioxide emissions in 2100 (IPCC A2). Because world population is rather uncertain we froze to its current value.

The diagram, bottom right, charts global CO2 levels, average temperatures, sea level and human population. Notice the dramatic shrinkage in ice cap size 1:35 into the video, triggered by man made global warning.

Via flowingdata

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  1. jordan says:

    From this visualization, it doesn’t look like polar ice cap melt will make a major difference in shoreline location. Is that true? For example, would New York City be submerged? Thanks for your insights!

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