Visualizing the Crazy Ticket Pricing Structure on Britain’s Railways

Ticket pricing on the British rail network is notoriously labyrinthine. Often it’s cheaper to split a journey into two or more segments and buy separate tickets for each part than in is to purchase a through fare.

Dmitry Adamskiy has built an interactive map plotting out the cheapest advance single fares to every station in the country from several locations – London, Egham, Brighton, Birmingham, Coventry, Glasgow Central, Leeds, Liverpool and Norwich. Destinations are indicated by coloured markers. Taking their colour according to how expensive the fares are, from Green – cheap – to red most expensive. Clicking on a marker brings up the exact price.

Rail Fares in UK Shown on a Map

Picking London as an example you can instantly see the madness of how travelling to central Scotland – several hundred miles distant is often cheaper than getting the short distance to counties surrounding the capital.

Read David’s notes on the map here.

via Suprageography

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