Visualize world flights on a 3D globe

To showcase PhiloGL, a Javascript visualization tool, Nicolas Garcia Belmonte has put together World Flights – a nifty 3D viewer of major international airline routes and airports based on openflights data.

World Flights on a 3D Globe

You can’t do anything rather than rotate the globe, select and deselect airlines – several hundred by my reckoning – but it’s still pretty cool.

As with Google’s recently launched Search Globe, the clever thing about this is it runs natively in the browser without the need for Flash. You’ll need a WebGL capable Internet browser – latest version of Chrome, Firefox etc – not Internet Explorer.

If you can’t get the website working – a few of the comments suggest incompatibility issues with various versions of Windows – check out the video instead:

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2 Responses to Visualize world flights on a 3D globe

  1. Miles says:

    A very clever tool, although I’m left a bit disturbed by the fact our globe seems to be continually covered in flights.

  2. Mick West says:

    Here’s a related map – an interactive WebGL visualization of 24hours of air traffic:

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