Track the Space Shuttle in Google Earth

Space shuttle tracker for Google Earth
Endeavour is fuelled and scheduled for lift-off at 8:56 am EDT (1256 GMT) today, May 16, for what will be the penultimate space shuttle flight. To coincide with this NASA has rolled out a new, real-time tracker for Google Earth.

You can view the shuttle’s live position in the Google Earth plugin  or this KML file for the desktop version of Google Earth.

Unlike other space / satellite trackers which only display objects in orbit, this one should follow the entire shuttle through take-off and landing. Displaying it’s location with a 3D model and track showing where it’s flown so far. During the mission events such as booster separation and main engine cut off will also be indicated.

Space Shuttle ground track

NASA also has some preview KML files showing different parts of the flight path, which you can check out at any time: Short Ascent Preview | Long Ascent Preview | Entry Preview

For further information and a FAQ check out NASA’s website.

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