The Masters Golf Tournament, course maps

Golf’s most prestigious tournament, The Masters, starts in a couple of days time. To tie in with this Golfdigest has published a nifty virtual map of the Augusta National Course with details about each hole and cool video flyovers. Go check it out.

Amen Corner, Augusta National Course, US Masters as seen in Bing Maps

As far as seeing real images of the course, the satellite photos in Google Maps and Bing’s bird’s eye views are as good as anything.

Best of all, with Google Earth’s brilliant historical imagery time slider you can compare no less than 12 different historic aerial views since 1993, and see what changes were made to prevent Tiger Woods winning it every year. I’ve put together this KML file for Google Earth linking to the different photographs, open it and click the options in the side panel to fly to the course at different dates

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