The City as Music

Many musicians have used cities as inspiration for music. Akko Goldenbeld take the idea a step further, transmuting the three dimensional reality of a city into sound.

His new work artwork, Stadsmuziek (City Music) consists of a scale model of Eindhoven on a giant revolving wooden cylinder. The rotating cylinder activates hammers which hit the keys of a piano, resulting in the city map being played back as a piece of music.

Stadsmuziek by Akko Goldenbeld. Playing a city map as music.

As Akko describes it: the tall buildings in the city centre result in a heavy touch, smaller houses in the suburbs a gentler sound, longer buildings sustain notes.

I guess it’s something you’ll either love or hate. But if listening to the rooftops of buildings is your thing, you can catch a performance of the work in this video:

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  1. Blair Ivey says:

    I don’t know that this is ‘music’ in the sense of a planned, structured compostion, but the idea is brilliant.

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