The Chernobyl disaster mapped

On the same subject, the winner of the animation category in the 2010 NACIS Student Web Mapping Competition was a thought provoking map presentation entitled The Chernobyl Disaster.

Chernobyl nuclear accident, radiation cloud path mapped

Created by Kate Chanba, Matt Forrest, Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel, and Andrew Wilson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison the project shows the lasting impact of the 1986 nuclear accident on Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

The Flash-based application includes two interactive maps

  • An animation of the radioactive cloud’s path across Europe showing levels of caesium contamination in each country.
  • A click-able map of Ukraine, with information on radioactive contamination, repercussions on nearby communities, and a slide show of the lasting effect the incident had, and still has on people’s lives.

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  1. Anonymous Scientist says:

    the 1960′s All Nuclear power plants should be built in desert regions close to a resonable amount of water for cooling. Build it 1-2 miles deep and inside 6 feet of concrete. Electricity can be wired over long distances. If in melts down? Bury it NOT people! Inhospitable climate? Not if ou generate enough cheep energy to run your air conditioner 24-7. ALL CURRENT NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS NEED TO BE PHASED OUT IMMEDIATELY. Fukishima is yet another nail in the coffin of Nuclear Power run by idiots and fools not willing to DO IT CORRECTLY!!!

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