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LandSat imagery comparison tool

ESRI has a new, interactive tool which allows you to compare NASA LandSat imagery, anywhere in the world, from two different dates Satellite imagery is available at 5 year intervals from 1975 to 2005, and includes five visualization options – … Continue reading

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Mother’s day dates

Did you know different countries celebrate Mothers’s day on different dates of the year ? Often the exact date can be traced back to ancient festivals, such as the Roman festival of Hilaria The commonest date occurs on the second … Continue reading

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Google Search Globe

Today, Google announced the launch of a simple 3D visualization platform called the WebGL Globe. The open platform is designed to display large volumes of geographic data on top of a 3D virtual globe, inside your web browser. Google has … Continue reading

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750 million years of the Earth’s history

The Visible Paleo-Earth project is an initiative by the Planetary Habitability Laboratory (PHL) of the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo (UPR Arecibo) to visualize the Earth’s appearance over the past 750 million years. You may have already seen Ronald … Continue reading

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Biggest wine producers and consumers

Which countries produce and consume the most wine? Which wines are the most expensive ? This animated infographic video created by Infographiclabs for 05 will set you straight: Via Visual Loop

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World Malaria Day

April 25 marks World Malaria Day, an initiative to raise awareness of efforts to control a disease which is both preventable and curable.   A couple of new maps show worldwide deaths, highlighting the disproportionate geography of fatalities. From Chartsbin, … Continue reading

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Maps of Strange Borders

Andy Proehl creates maps documenting the absurdity of borders around the world. For instance the Slovenia / Croatia border passing through a restaurant, the island group split by the International date line. and extreme gerrymandering in US congressional districts., Check … Continue reading

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Mapping The World Bank’s Spending

The World Bank provides loans to help developing countries reduce poverty and promote foreign investment. These financial activities have a combined volume of more than $160 billion. As part of an ‘open data’ initiative to make information about its work … Continue reading

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