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Visualize world flights on a 3D globe

To showcase PhiloGL, a Javascript visualization tool, Nicolas Garcia Belmonte has put together World Flights – a nifty 3D viewer of major international airline routes and airports based on openflights data. You can’t do anything rather than rotate the globe, … Continue reading

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Socal Networking Map of the World (June 2011)

Vincent Cosmati has updated his twice yearly map showing the most popular social networks in different countries around the world. No real surprise to see Facebook continuing to spread. chalking up a bunch of Middle East countries such as Syria, … Continue reading

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World maps of glowing plants

Did you know plants emit a faint reddish glow (fluorescence) as a by-product of photosynthesis ? In a set of maps described in NASA’s news release as ‘groundbreaking’, scientists working at the Goddard flight center have depicted this activity for … Continue reading

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Astronaut’s view of the Earth

In this breathtaking video tour of the Earth, Dr Justin Wilkinson, from the Crew Earth Observations Office at the NASA Johnson Space Center, offers a personal view of the incredible landscape and weather features astronauts notice from space. The seven … Continue reading

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New map reveals tropical forest carbon storage

New research from a NASA led team reveals the extent of carbon storage in the world’s tropical forest. Based on satellite and data gathered at ground level the map depicts the distribution of 247 billion tons of carbon across 75 … Continue reading

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Global distribution of Wikipedia edits

Erik Zachte, a data analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation, recently put together an impressive, interactive visualization showing the the worldwide distribution of Wikipedia edits. The map allows you to see the location of editors and the time they made each … Continue reading

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Linux World Map

Igor Ljubuncic’s Great Linux map portrays the world of Linux desktop software as geography.  The map is in the same style as Randell Munroe’s (aka xkcd) maps of social networking relationships, with features such as islands and lakes named after … Continue reading

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Map of newspapers around the world

Who said newspapers were on the verge of becoming extinct ? Newspaper Map is an impressive Google Maps mash-up which has found and located over 10,000 from around the world. Map design purists will probably cringe at the cluttered appearance, … Continue reading

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