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Global distribution of Wikipedia edits

Erik Zachte, a data analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation, recently put together an impressive, interactive visualization showing the the worldwide distribution of Wikipedia edits. The map allows you to see the location of editors and the time they made each … Continue reading

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Race and Ethniciy in Chicago

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Eric Fischer’s beautiful race / ethnicity maps of American cities. Instead of using stark boundaries, racial groups are represented by coloured dots. The visualization technique was first used in this context by Bill … Continue reading

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Sonification of US census data

Frequency Census takes a highly unusual approach to portraying population change in the USA between 1910-2010. Population growth is sonified, linked to increasing musical pitch. Click on the map to hear the change in individual States over time. You can … Continue reading

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Asteroids in resonance with Jupiter

Proving once again that reality is often stranger than fiction this fascinating animation from Scott Malloy shows asteroids with orbits in resonance with Jupiter. The video animates the orbital paths of the inner planets and two groups of asteroids, with … Continue reading

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A decade of news articles from Hungary visualized

Ebullition is an animated visualization of articles from origo.hu, a major Hungarian news website. The video runs through the history of the site from December 1998 to October 2010, each frame representing a single day. Whenever a place in Hungary … Continue reading

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Mapping urban water needs with sponges

From Hal Watts, Matthew Laws and photographer Luke Bennett, a novel, physical approach to infographic design. Can we keep up ? illustrates the predicted increased demand for urban domestic water, in a prism map created entirely from real sponges. They … Continue reading

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Transport flow animations from the 1940s

Proving there really aren’t that many completely original ideas, here are some transport flow visualizations from the 1940s. The video is Encyclopaedia Britannica Films newsreel called Arteries of New York City. The exact date of the movie is unclear – … Continue reading

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3D infographic of civilian casualities in Afghanistan

Developer George Michael Brower, uses data released to journalist John Bohannon to visualize civilian casualties in Afghanistan. Producing something stunningly beautiful and depressing at the same time. The animated 3D infographic, Plume Graph, displays casualties stacked vertically over a province … Continue reading

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