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Amazing portrait of Kepler exoplanets

Since it’s launch two years ago, NASA’s Kepler space telescope has detected over a thousand possible candidates for planets orbiting stars outside our solar system. This remarkable graphic from Jason Rowe, a member of the Kepler team, imagines every one … Continue reading

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Size Comparison between that Monster Solar Flare and Earth

Last post on this I promise.  NASA has added an image of the Earth to a still from their incredible SDO, solar prominence video,  so you get some idea of the mind blowing scale of the eruption. Toasty!

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The True Size of the Vatican City

An infographic comparing the size of the world’s smallest sovereign state, the Vatican City, with an odd assortment of tiny islands and man made structures, including – for some inter-religious rivalry – the Grand Mosque at Mecca. from xefer via … Continue reading

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The scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe is an extremely cool, educational Flash animation from Cary and Mike Huang, showing the relative scale of pretty much everything. You can zoom in and out in scale through hundreds of objects,  from the tiniest … Continue reading

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