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The green planet

This Fascinating view of the earth is a global average of data recorded by the tongue twisting Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view-Sensor (SeaWiFs) over the entirety of its 13 year operational history – 1996-2010. During its lifespan this sensor on GeoEye’s OrbView … Continue reading

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Rare, cloud free satellite image of Ireland

Complete cloud-free satellite shots of Ireland are extremely rare. According to NASA’s Image of the day site: Ireland receives between 750 and 2000 millimeters (29 and 78 inches) of rain per year, with more rain falling in the west and … Continue reading

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New MODIS Satellite images of Japan tsunami flooding

This is Nasa’s Terra satellite’s first look at the Sendai region of Japan following the earthquake and subsequent flooding from the tsunami. The photo on the left was captured February 26, 2011. That on the right on March 12, 2011, … Continue reading

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New Hi-res Satellite Imagery of Protests in Bahrain

Satellite company GeoEye has just released some high-resolution imagery of the protests in Bahrain, taken over Pearl Square in Manama on February 26. The half-meter imagery acquired by the Geo-Eye-1 satellite shows protesters gathered and camped in around the square. … Continue reading

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