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New Fukushima contamination map

A new, joint U.S. – Japan aerial survey shows levels of surface radiation around the Fukushima nuclear power plant. As expected the map shows a band of fall-out north west of the site, but it also reveals high levels of … Continue reading

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Fukushima Daiichi radiation survey maps

Tepco, the Japanese power company responsible for Fukushima Daiichi has published a series of radiation survey maps of the nuclear plant and the surrounding area. According to asahi.com these are being used to monitor exposure of workers and prepare work … Continue reading

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Animated time line of the world’s nuclear reactors

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred 25 years ago today, April 26 1986. To mark the event Climate Central has produced the following interactive map showing a timeline of operational nuclear reactors around the world from the early 1950’s to the … Continue reading

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Fukushima-I explosion – Map of nuclear power plants in Japan

Several news sources are reporting a massive explosion at Fukushima-I nuclear power plant, 200km North of Tokyo in Japan. This comes a day after the devastating magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami which hit North East Japan. As write it’s unclear … Continue reading

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