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The Dangers of New York City Traffic

Ron Gabriel’s 3-way street highlights the bad habits of New York motorists, cyclists and jaywalking pedestrians, focusing on the way such behaviour was exacerbated by the roll-out of bike lanes across the city. The video analyzes a series of dangerous looking … Continue reading

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A week on Foursquare mapped

The Wall Street Journal has published a fascinating, in-depth analysis of user data from location sharing app Foursquare for San Francisco and New York. The idea: to look at differences between behaviour patterns in the two cities. A weeks worth of user … Continue reading

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Hipster States of America

BuzzFeed’s hipster map of the States makes the bold, slightly tongue-in-cheek, claim of locating the hippest part of the United States. As BuzzFeed puts it: The term “hipster” has been applied to both “elitists” and “poseurs”, those who strive to … Continue reading

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New York Movie Map

A new, illustrated map from Alien Loves Predator shows locations of 91 movies with locations associated with Manhattan. Apparently it took about 5 months of research, a ton of movie watching and 3 weeks of drawing. There’s a hi-res version … Continue reading

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Race and ethnicity 2010, US census mapped

Eric Fischer has updated his superb maps of ethnicity based on the newly released 2010 US census block results. These pointillist images, covering more than a hundred cities, depict every 25 residents as a single dot. Each coloured according to … Continue reading

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Transport flow animations from the 1940s

Proving there really aren’t that many completely original ideas, here are some transport flow visualizations from the 1940s. The video is Encyclopaedia Britannica Films newsreel called Arteries of New York City. The exact date of the movie is unclear – … Continue reading

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Mapping 200 years of New York’s grid system

March 22nd, 2011 marks the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Manhattan street grid plan proposed by John Randel. To celebrate this Birthday the New York Times has created a wonderful interactive feature charting the changes to the city … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Sex Trade in New York

From Wired magaine, an interesting then and now comparison – 1991 vs 2010 – mapping changes in the distribution of New York prostitution.  The article explains: Red-light districts were commonplace in big cities throughout the 20th century. But in recent … Continue reading

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