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The City as Music

Many musicians have used cities as inspiration for music. Akko Goldenbeld take the idea a step further, transmuting the three dimensional reality of a city into sound. His new work artwork, Stadsmuziek (City Music) consists of a scale model of … Continue reading

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Using slime mold to engineer transport networks

Computer scientist Andrew Adamatzky utilizes slime mold’s ability to build its own, efficient nutrient transport network, to crack mathematical problems. In his latest study, co-authored with Ramon Alonso-Sanz from the Polytechnic University Madrid, the mold (Physarum polycephalum) constructs an optimal … Continue reading

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Country borders redrawn in Google Maps

Inside Costa Rica points to a recent alteration in the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua in Google Maps. The earlier version  labelled the long-disputed Calero Island as Nicaraguan. Some sources claim this mapping ‘error’ led directly to the Nicaraguan … Continue reading

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Live train locations in the Netherlands

A great example of the power of public services opening up data for independent developers to build applications with. NS, Netherlands Railways opens up its live and planned schedules. Just one day later someone creates a map showing live locations … Continue reading

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