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Newly released satellite image showing Pro-Gaddifi forces in Libya

Yesterday, NATO released this declassified, high resolution satellite image of Misratah, Libya. The photo is annotated to show pro-Gaddafi battle-tanks, circled in red, right next to public areas like a market and furniture store. Released under the title how pro-Gaddafi … Continue reading

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EgyptAir redraws the Middle East map

Egypt Air has caused a stir with flight route maps appearing to wipe Israel off the map. Here’s an enlarged version of the map they had on their site yesterday: There’s a new border slicing through where Israel and the … Continue reading

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Mapping the spread of Middle East protests

With the situation in the Middle East rapidly evolving and seemingly becoming ever more complex, it can be difficult to remember exactly what happened when. Slate makes a decent attempt at simplifying matters with an in depth interactive feature. Mapping … Continue reading

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Middle East and North Africa Map Game

Test your knowledge on the greater Middle East and North Africa. Can you match the names to the countries on a map? Middle East map game

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