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2012 Olympic Torch Relay Map

The London 2012 Olympic Games organizing committee has published preliminary details of the Olympic torch route before the games opening. Unlike some previous relays the torch will travel straight from Greece to the United Kingdom and not visit any other … Continue reading

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Spoof London Tube Maps

From london-underground.blogspot.com comes word of Guerrilla artwork appearing on the Tube network. Joke station names and line segments have been inserted into some the in-train network diagrams on London Underground’s Central line. This one shows a journey you’d probably not … Continue reading

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View the Royal Wedding Procession in Ovi Maps 3D and Google Earth

A couple of impressive virtual world fly-throughs of the Royal Wedding procession route. Providing a neat comparison of the relative merits of Google Earth’s recently launched 3D London city model vs the one in Nokia’s new Ovi Maps 3D. Here’s … Continue reading

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Official Royal Wedding Route Map

As you may have heard, on Friday April 29, 2011, next-but-one in line to the British throne Prince William of Wales will marry Catherine Middleton. The Royal Parks commission has published a neat interactive map of the Royal wedding procession … Continue reading

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String map

No details about why this was created, but here’s an interesting little time-lapse video by fsm vpggru on Vimeo , showing the making of a map out of pins and string. That old favourite, the London Underground diagram. There are some … Continue reading

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Adding colour to the London commute

Chromorama is a new London based geo-location game. The idea is to make commuting more fun by using your real-world travel data collected from Oyster cards. Like most games it probably only makes sense once you’ve tried it out. but … Continue reading

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Alternative London underground maps

The London Tube map seems to provide never ending source of inspiration for designers and map makers wanting to put there own spin on the classic design The Londonist website is putting together a list of as many of these … Continue reading

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Time lapse of London from space

A fascinating, but all too  brief time-lapse video from rocket scientist, Nathan Bergey . The animation is a compilation of daily pictures of southern England and Wales over the course of 2010. Images are from the MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging … Continue reading

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