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Biggest wine producers and consumers

Which countries produce and consume the most wine? Which wines are the most expensive ? This animated infographic video created by Infographiclabs for 05 will set you straight: Via Visual Loop

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Geology of Yellowstone Park

On the subject of Yellowstone, our amazing planet has released this great infographic describing the unique geology of the park. Through illustrations and maps it explores the history of the supervolcano and the potential for a massive eruption. Source: OurAmazingPlanet.com

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eBay’s iPad 2 sales mapped

Apple hasn’t revealed global sales figures for the IPad 2 yet, when it does they might look something like this,  but with more zeroes on the numbers. The infographic from eBay maps out Apple iPad 2 sales on the auction site, … Continue reading

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LinkedIn breaks the 100 million user barrier

To coincide with LinkedIn reaching the magical 100 million member milestone, Vincenzo Cosenza produces an infographic depicting the state of the social network platform At the top a map showing most active countries – the USA comes top followed by … Continue reading

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Mapping billionaires

Visualization designers Mapize have published an interactive website, Forbesboard, mapping all 1,210 dollar billionaires in the world, based on Forbes’ 2011 and 2010 rich lists. The map includes options to filter billionaires by wealth bracket and country. or to simply … Continue reading

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The True Size of the Vatican City

An infographic comparing the size of the world’s smallest sovereign state, the Vatican City, with an odd assortment of tiny islands and man made structures, including – for some inter-religious rivalry – the Grand Mosque at Mecca. from xefer via … Continue reading

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