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Slick new interface for Bing Maps Streetside views

A few months ago Microsoft released a video demo’ing its plans for Streetside – immersive street level photography in Bing Maps. These changes have now gone live in Bing Maps beta. Gone are the Google Street View-like 360 degree bubbles … Continue reading

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Map of newspapers around the world

Who said newspapers were on the verge of becoming extinct ? Newspaper Map is an impressive Google Maps mash-up which has found and located over 10,000 from around the world. Map design purists will probably cringe at the cluttered appearance, … Continue reading

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What real estate agents don’t tell you

Trulia’s impressive new price reductions map visualizes real estate sales by zip code area. The map provides market intelligence for both home-buyers and sellers, displaying information about how quickly property prices drop, by how much, and the likelihood of a … Continue reading

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Country borders redrawn in Google Maps

Inside Costa Rica points to a recent alteration in the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua in Google Maps. The earlier version  labelled the long-disputed Calero Island as Nicaraguan. Some sources claim this mapping ‘error’ led directly to the Nicaraguan … Continue reading

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End of the real world sightings experiment

Sadly, Google’s real world sightings experiment (aka the April Fools joke), has come to an end. The mystical creatures that suddenly appeared last week in Google Maps and Google Earth are no longer to be found. To preserve them for … Continue reading

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Live train locations in the Netherlands

A great example of the power of public services opening up data for independent developers to build applications with. NS, Netherlands Railways opens up its live and planned schedules. Just one day later someone creates a map showing live locations … Continue reading

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Monsters in Google Maps

Strange creatures have suddenly started appearing in Google Maps. A pink elephant near the Googleplex, a narwahl in London, a giant red lobster in Boston, Green Dragon in Germany and the Loch Ness monster! Check out this map of those … Continue reading

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Explore historic sites in Italy and France with Google Street View

Google goes off-road again in newly released photos taken from the Street View trike, with some impressive panoramas taken inside and around UNESCO listed historic and archaeological sites in Italy and France. The Colosseum in Rome: Emperor Augustus’ palace on … Continue reading

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