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The Changing face of America

Policylink is a US research institute with an aim ‘to advance economic and social equity’. Its latest publication, Prosperity 2050, explores changes in the racial make-up of the nation and how current inequalities will impact economic growth, To put his … Continue reading

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Future global mega cities

The McKinsey Quarterly examines the demographics and growth patterns of the 600 urban areas predicted to account for the majority of global GDP by 2025. Discussing whether growth strategies would be better focused on these cities rather than countries. The … Continue reading

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Watch the ice caps melt – global warming animation

A visualization from Adiran Meyer and Karl Rege at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences mapping 22,000 years of changes in the Earth’s vegetation and ice coverage. The animation starts 21,000 years ago, the glacial maximum in the last ice … Continue reading

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Predicting London’s Future

James Cheshire digs around in London’s datastore and finds some fascinating data predicting population in the city between 2001 and 2030. In a sequence of 20 maps he charts the forecast change in numbers of inhabitants for each London borough.

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Mapping the Exitinction of Dinosaur Media

www.futureexploration.net asks the question: When will Newspapers in their current form become significant ? Not very long if this chart is anywhere near accurate.  Put it in your diary. The Newspaper will become obsolete in the USA in 2017,  gradually … Continue reading

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