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A hundred years of over-fishing

From David McCandless, a striking visualization of plummeting fish stocks over the past 100 years. Maps from 1900 and 2000 compare the biomass of popularly eaten fish in the North Atlantic. The images were commissioned by the Pew Charitable Trusts as … Continue reading

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Sand blown from Africa to Scandinavia

NASA’s Ozone Monitoring Instrument recently gathered information  leading to these fascinating images of dust blown from the Sahara, several thousand miles across Europe. Red represents higher concentrations of particles, grey indicates areas with unreliable data or cloud cover. Over six … Continue reading

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The Chernobyl disaster mapped

On the same subject, the winner of the animation category in the 2010 NACIS Student Web Mapping Competition was a thought provoking map presentation entitled The Chernobyl Disaster. Created by Kate Chanba, Matt Forrest, Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel, and Andrew Wilson of … Continue reading

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The World by Named Geographic Features

Stephen Von Worley takes raw data from GeoNames – a database of 7.5 million geolocated features – and dumps it all onto a series of maps. Each place is represented by a single pixel, and each dot is coloured according … Continue reading

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Maps of Old US and European City Names

From crasstalk.com, two maps showing earliest known names for US and European Cities. If US cities had kept their original names The old world by old names To modern ears, many of the US names perhaps come across as a … Continue reading

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Charting 14,000 Migrant deaths in Europe since 1998

In French only.   A stark, in both design and content, interactive map from OWNI.fr charting the deaths of 14,000 immigrants trying to get into Europe or incarcerated detention centres.   The map categorises the causes of deaths by either … Continue reading

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