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U.S. mean centre of population animated

As mentioned previously, the U.S. Census Bureau recently announced the 2010 mean centre of the United States The center is determined as the place where an imaginary, flat, weightless and rigid map of the United States would balance perfectly if … Continue reading

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Placebook – worldwide Facebook user distribution mapped

Zdenek Hynek and Martin Pulicar from Masaryk University, Czech Republic have put together this beautifully designed interactive infographic showing Facebook user distribution around the globe. Styled in the familiar dark on light blue Facebook colours, the application lets you display various … Continue reading

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Future global mega cities

The McKinsey Quarterly examines the demographics and growth patterns of the 600 urban areas predicted to account for the majority of global GDP by 2025. Discussing whether growth strategies would be better focused on these cities rather than countries. The … Continue reading

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Global mean centre of population

On the same theme, here’s a map of the mean global centre of population. Strictly speaking it should be deep inside the Earth somewhere, and confusingly locates to different points on a flat map depending on projection. This map based … Continue reading

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2010 United States mean centre of population

Every ten years The U.S. Census Bureau announces the mean centre of the United States based on population figures from the latest census. Described thus: the place where an imaginary, flat, weightless and rigid map of the United States would … Continue reading

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Mapping the twelve States of America

The Atlantic taps into concerns about increasing income equality in the USA and maps out what it claims are the new 12 States of a fractured nation. The interactive Flash map groups counties into a dozen categories, with colourfully descriptive … Continue reading

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