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Global distribution of Wikipedia edits

Erik Zachte, a data analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation, recently put together an impressive, interactive visualization showing the the worldwide distribution of Wikipedia edits. The map allows you to see the location of editors and the time they made each … Continue reading

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Biggest wine producers and consumers

Which countries produce and consume the most wine? Which wines are the most expensive ? This animated infographic video created by Infographiclabs for 05 will set you straight: Via Visual Loop

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Animated time line of the world’s nuclear reactors

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred 25 years ago today, April 26 1986. To mark the event Climate Central has produced the following interactive map showing a timeline of operational nuclear reactors around the world from the early 1950’s to the … Continue reading

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Shift in world oil production

American Public Media has published a fascinating interactive map of the biggest crude oil producers over the past 50 years. The graduated circle map shows the dramatic shifts in oil production between different countries – such as the increasing importance … Continue reading

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Six years of edits to the OS Mastermap

The UK’s national mapping agency, the Ordnance Survey (OS), claims to produce the largest, most detailed and up to date map of any country in the world. Mastermap, as it’s known is compiled by 250 surveyors, 2 aircraft, has 5,000 … Continue reading

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A decade of news articles from Hungary visualized

Ebullition is an animated visualization of articles from origo.hu, a major Hungarian news website. The video runs through the history of the site from December 1998 to October 2010, each frame representing a single day. Whenever a place in Hungary … Continue reading

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A Monday in Rennes – Transit Visualization

Isokron take newly published transport data for Rennes in France, and as way of a thank you to the city put together this impresive visualization (video above). The visualization animates public transport travel times from the town hall to every … Continue reading

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Animate your City’s Public Transportation System

Recently I’ve mentioned several cool city transit visualizations animating traffic over the course of a day.   How about making your own ? TmsTransitAnimator from www.themasterscheduler.com is an incredibly easy to use free Windows application which runs from GTFS zip … Continue reading

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