Spoof London Tube Maps

From london-underground.blogspot.com comes word of Guerrilla artwork appearing on the Tube network. Joke station names and line segments have been inserted into some the in-train network diagrams on London Underground’s Central line. This one shows a journey you’d probably not want to take.

Expect Turbulence, on the London Underground

Others include a Platform 9 ¾ for Hogwarts, a section going to Paris and Lille, and one for the moon.

Facebook Like on the London Underground

The project has it’s own blog with photos of all the prank additions – Stickers on the Central Line. The first post, on April 25, says:

At 13:54 Stickers on the Central Line took its first steps. After months (well hours) of planning we were finally ready. Armed with stickers we boarded the 13:50 from Epping to West Ruislip and unleashed phase 1 onto an unsuspecting public.

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