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One month has now passed since the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Since then countless people around the globe have expressed support online for people there. unfortunately, as much of this isn’t in Japanese, it isn’t readable by many in Japan.

To address this Google has announced the launch of a new website – Messages for Japan – whose purpose is to allow people to leave a short message and have it automatically translated into Japanese. The result is then placed alongside other messages in a couple of visualizations: a cherry blossom-like bubble view and a Google Map mash-up. The map is unusual in that it gradually fills up with markers dropping from above, each one representing an individual message.

Messages for Japan - send a message of hope for the Japanese people

If you wish, you can donate to one of six charities via the site. Google points out that its Japan Crisis Response page has raised over five million dollars so far .

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One Response to Send a message of support to Japan

  1. I wrote this poem in memory of Japan’s terrible loss.

    I feel a lump swell in my throat,
    what’s this broadcast we’re receiving.
    Never seen such pain and loss,
    I feel a country grieving.
    We saw their lives disappear,
    thousands of people, we all wept.
    Lovely towns and farmland gone,
    we saw by the sea were swept.
    First was the quake, than a flood,
    then came the snow like a curse.
    In all the earth was found none
    but God alone could make it worse.
    Souls now gone and left this life,
    drift into the atmosphere.
    We can not go where they reside,
    souls that now are far from here.

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