Scottish National Park map makers diss local residents

Another for the map fail category. Although strangely this one appears to be intentional, not a mistake.

Scottish map disses local residents

Map makers for Loch Lomond National Park in Scotland  had a joke at local residents expense, naming part of the beauty spot, Giro Bay. That’s giro as in slang for social security cheque – alluding to the high youth unemployment rate in the area. Understandably residents were “very annoyed“, describing the label as “derogatory“.

This wasn’t the only problem they had with the map – the deepest part of the Loch, Achibald’s Abyss was perversely altered to Cameron’s Shallows. Like several other features it was named after a park ranger. “A bit megalomaniac” as one resident put it.

The Park Authority has apologised and destroyed its stock of 3,000 maps

Via BBC News Glasgow and West Scotland. Map image copyright: Ordnance Survey/HMSO/Intermap Technologies/Natural Environment Research Council.

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