Russia and Ukraine dispute fairytale maps

Russian (left) and Ukrainian fairy tale maps

The Telegraph reports on a spat between Ukraine and Russia over the provenance of folklore figures shown in a couple of new maps for each country.

The cute animated Russian map identifies the homes of around twenty fairytale characters. However a Ukrainian tour agency,  which has a similar map for Ukraine, claims several of these characters are in fact Ukrainian, accusing the Russians of stealing them. The creator of the Russian map has dismissed those claims. Apparently both countries are keen to market themed tours around these locations.

You can check out both maps online: Fairytale map of Russia (Flash required) and Ukraine, by Maryna Prymenko. A video from TSN shows a modified (more recent ?) version of the Ukrainian map.

According to the Telegraph the disputed characters are…

a medieval knight called Ilya Muromets known for his superhuman strength, ‘Speckled Hen,’ a creature which miraculously lays golden eggs, and Kolobok, a cheerful talking cake who flees animals eager to eat him

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