Race and ethnicity 2010, US census mapped

Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City, Race and Ethnicity Map, 2010 US Census

Credit: Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer has updated his superb maps of ethnicity based on the newly released 2010 US census block results. These pointillist images, covering more than a hundred cities, depict every 25 residents as a single dot. Each coloured according to ethnicity: Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Yellow is Other.

The dots are placed randomly within census block areas giving the maps a slightly diffuse appearance. but as Eric explains it’s probably a much more realistic portrayal of the complexity of city life than the often harshly delineated boundaries shown elsewhere.

Los Angeles ethnicity mapped from the 2010 Census

Credit: Eric Fischer

For the other maps check out Eric’s Flickr page.

Data from Census 2010. Base map © OpenStreetMap, images CC-BY-SA

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