Newly released satellite image showing Pro-Gaddifi forces in Libya

Yesterday, NATO released this declassified, high resolution satellite image of Misratah, Libya. The photo is annotated to show pro-Gaddafi battle-tanks, circled in red, right next to public areas like a market and furniture store.

NATO, annotated satellite image of Misratah, Libya

Released under the title how pro-Gaddafi forces position themselves in urban centres its publication appears to be an attempt to ward of criticism of NATO attacks on such locations, and highlight efforts to avoid civilian casualties. Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, Commander of Operation Unified Protector states:

Despite Gadhaffi attempts to hide behind civilians, we are finding his military hardware in other locations and we are destroying it with increasing success

And in the press release:

Early this morning Gadhaffi forces shelled Misrata for more than 30 minutes, this despite the Gadhaffi Government talking of a cease fire.

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