New – London goes 3D in Google Earth

Hot on the heels of new Google Maps and Google Earth aerial imagery for London, Google has just rolled out a large number of 3D models for the city.

New 3D buildings and trees for London

Just like other 3D cities in the application it looks incredible, and includes hundreds of intricately detailed photo textured buildings as well as photo-realistic trees for several parks. Compared with some other cities this release doesn’t cover a massive area, but it still manages to incorporate much of tourist London – Westminster, St James’s, Bloomsbury, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

Google’s new models come in addition to those users have been contributing to the 3D Warehouse over the past few years.

As a comparison, here’s what London looked like a few weeks ago:

Google Earth London, before Google's 3d models were rolled out

This is what it looks like today:

Google Earth London, view of the river Thames, Houses of Parliament, and London Eye

Go check them out by launching the Google Earth application or through the 3D option in Google Maps.

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