New Icelandic volcano eruption

Grímsvötn, Iceland’s most active volcano, started erupting Saturday May 21, 2011.  Local flights have been grounded, and  airlines have been warned the plume of volcanic ash could reach Scotland in a couple of days.

Grimsvotn Volcano Eruption, Iceland, shown on weather radar map. Click to view an animated GIF.

Credit: Icelandic Meteorological Office

The image above  shows the eruption cloud drifting eastward, captured by weather radar.   Click it to view an animated map of the first 14 hours after eruption. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has a live loop of images from the previous hour.

Iceland Volcano Eruption. Volcanic ash cloud forecast map for May 24, 00:00 UTC. Click for latest forecast.

© British Crown copyright 2011, the Met Office

The London office of the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) is issuing regular advisories for the aviation industry. See up to date forecasts for the ash cloud and ash concentrations. Plume altitude is measured in hundreds of feet. For instance SFC/FL200 means between sea level and 20,000 feet.

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