New, detailed maps of US forests

Aboveground woody biomass and carbon stock, USA map

Credit: The Woods Hole Research Center

Scientists from the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) have published the most detailed map ever of  forest cover across the conterminous States. The 30m resolution map shows woody biomass and carbon stock, compiled from various NASA satellite data-sets and ground based surveys dating from the turn of the millennium.

In a a statement, project leader Josef Kellndorfer said:

The dataset represents a comprehensive assessment of forest structure and carbon stock within the lower 48 States at the beginning of the third millennium, providing an important baseline with which to improve our understanding of the United States forest resources and its link to the terrestrial carbon flux in North America. This dataset will be useful to foresters, wildlife ecologists, resource managers, and scientists alike,

A high resolution version of the map is available on the WHRC website.


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