Mapping the world with Jules Verne

Today marks the 183rd birthday anniversary of Jules Verne, the French author best known for his travel oriented novels, often including a dollop of science fiction,  such as  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,  Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Garmt de Vries has amassed a remarkable collection of thing related to Jules Verne, and published them online. Including all the maps printed in the original editions of the French language books. See them here. Or view the list translated into English.

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  1. Not wishing to spam this blog, but I’d like to mention that the collection of maps described here has moved to a new location: The old URL will stop working soon.

  2. jordan kett says:

    is there any more legends about the mysterous island that we can know about.

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