Mapping The World Bank’s Spending

The World Bank provides loans to help developing countries reduce poverty and promote foreign investment. These financial activities have a combined volume of more than $160 billion. As part of an ‘open data’ initiative to make information about its work more accessible, the bank has published a pilot website, Mapping for Results, visualizing where the money gets spent.

World Bank Spending Map

The interactive map displays projects in 16,520 different locations across 79 countries. Projects are represented by icons colour-coded by sector, for example education and health. For select countries it’s possible to overlay poverty and human development data such as infant mortality rates. You can also click through to view charts and tables of other indicators published by the World Bank.

It’s hoped the website will empower citizens to hold Governments to account, making sure money is spent as intended. Another aim is increase efficiency in aid work – for instance other agencies could access the data to avoid funding similar projects in the same areas.

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