Mapping the Demise of an Internet Browser

Mapping the Demise of IE6

Ten years after it was launched, and with version 9 imminent, 12% of the world is still using Internet Explorer 6.  With this in mind Microsoft have launched which aims to track and encourage the world to move on, attempting to get this figure below 1%.

The website includes a map showing market share by country – highlighting countries where usage is highest.  Surprisingly – to me anyway – the map shows South East Asia lagging the rest of the world – with share of the market in China at a whopping 34.5%.  Even in Japan usage still  stands at over 10%.

The site also has a banner you can put on a website, to specifically target IE6 users,  and a suggested Twitter hashtag, #ie6countdown, so anyone can do their bit to encourage users to move on.

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