Mapping the Impact of Climate Change on Human Populations

Mapping effects of global warming on populations around the world

Credit: Jason Samson, McGill University

From Jason Samson a PHD student at McGill University, an innovative map combining climate modelling and census data to predict the effect of climate change on human populations around the world. Red shows populations with the highest vulnerability.  Blue indicates people least affected.

Ironically, although temperature changes are predicted to be larger in high-latitude zones, the study suggests populations  in hotter regions will be most vulnerable:

…climate change will have greatest impact on the populations least responsible for causing the problem.

The reason – taking Somalia as an example:

…Because it’s so hot there, it’s already very difficult to grow things, and it will only become more difficult if the temperature rises. It’s also clear that Somalia is not a big contributor of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere.

Full Press release and a link to a PDF version of the map. Via DiscoveryNews

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