Map resources for the Libyan air strikes

As I’m sure you’ve heard, following a UN resolution to enforce a no-fly zone over Northern Libya, the USA, France and UK have launched air strikes on Libyan radar, missile and communication sites. There are several map related resources providing ongoing and background information about the attacks. Here’s a summary:

Last year Sean O’Connor used Google Earth to locate and analyse the Libyan Surface to Air Missile (SAM) network. Turns out this is just about the most comprehensive online reference for this information…

Over the past week or so media outlets all over the world have picked it up as a source regarding the then-potential UN No-FLy Zone.

In a new article he maps out the SAM threat to UN operations.  (via Ogle Earth)

The Guardian takes an interactive look at military assets in Libya and the Mediterranean. The map shows allied and Libyan ground, air and naval forces, as well as attack targets in Libya. Unfortunately the legend for this is fairly confusing, but you can  roll over symbols to get details.

The New York Times updates it’s interactive Map of How the Rebellion Is Unfolding in Libya to include approximate locations of coalition strike targets. Click the arrows to move backwards or forwards one day at a time.

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