Links to maps for estimated arrival times for Pacific tsunami

Following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which hit off the east coast of Japan on March 11, 2011 at 0546 GMT, tsunami warnings have been issued around the Pacific. This is a list of links to maps detailing expected arrival and travel times for tsunami waves, should they occur. Obviously this information is liable to change very quickly so I’ll update it when I can.

Google Crisis Response MapMap showing estimated times of arrival. Select the NOAA option and zoom out to see the full map.

US National Weather Forecast Office – Tsunami warnings and advisories for the USA. If there are warnings in place, click the links at the top of these pages for predicted arrival times:

Japanese Earthquake - Tsunami Warning Map

Japan Meteorological AgencyTsunami warning for Japan.

Tsunami warning map Japan

Weather.comWarnings, Advisories, Arrival Times for the US West Coast (local times)

BBC NewsPacific Tsunami forecast model showing predicted wave size. Also Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines (map at bottom of page. Times in GMT)

Tsunami forecast map from the Japanese earthquake

GuardianAn animated map of the Pacific showing approximate travel and arrival times.
Guardian animated tsunami map

Pacific Disaster CenterTravel time maps:

Also see my previous post with the NOAA’s estimated wave travel times and predicted maximum wave amplitude for Pacific countries.

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