ITO Map – new overlays for Openstreetmap

One of the biggest developments in online mapping over the past few years has been crowd sourcing. Foremost amongst this trend is Openstreetmap – a map created entirely by volunteers. The level of detail found in many parts of the world surpasses traditional online maps. Indeed sometimes that creates a problem of information overload – it’s simply not possible to display every feature on OSM at once.

Step forward ITO World. The company has released a new (beta) service called ITO Map which includes set of 22 new overlay maps which allow you to switch between a bunch of different layers, and clearly see these extra details.

These include speed limits on roads:

ito map speed limits

Disused railways:

ito map former railways in England

water bodies; rivers, streams, canals, lakes and reservoirs:

ITO world map water bodies in the bay area

Barriers, fences and hedges:

ITO World, map of barriers, hedges and fences near Cambridge England

Other layers include: numbers of lanes on highways, electricity networks, car parks and bus-ways.  Obviously the availability of these features in different locations varies,  but volunteers are constantly adding new information and ITO World say they will update the map daily.


(Map images are CC-By-SA OpenStreetMap and contributors)

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