Italian Street View Rival

Although Google occasionally use their Street View to capture off road panoramas, the technology remains pretty firmly tied to the car. For many cities, this approach of sticking to traffic congested roads, isn’t exactly seeing them at their best. The most attractive districts can often only be seen by exploring on foot.

Step forward Geomondo, see themselves as plugging that gap. The company uses ‘pedestrian kit’ to gather 360 degree imagery of old towns, beaches, and historical buildings. Their website currently includes comprehensive coverage of some of Italy’s hottest tourist destinations – Venice, Bergamo, Rome, Florence, Milan and the Italian Lakes.

360 degree panoramas in Venice by Geomondo

Navigation is similar to Street View. Click on the blue circle shown on a map to enter a 360 degree view. Once inside drag the image to look around, Click the navigation buttons to move to a different location. To teleport to another location just double click elsewhere on the map.

Geomondo’s  approach to gathering imagery is seen at it’s best in Venice Where you can explore the city’s narrow passages and canal network, on foot and by gondola!

Ridiculously narrow Street in Venice, Geomondo

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