Incredible high-res panorama of the night sky

Photopic Sky Survey,  360 degree panorama of the stars
The Photopic Sky Survey is an astonishingly detailed 360 degree panorama of the entire night sky.   The 5 giga-pixel photo consists of 37,000+ exposures stitched together. Amazingly, it was all put together by just one person, Nick Risinger,  who describes himself as an amateur photographer.

As Nick explains on his website, it was an incredibly challenging and time-consuming panorama  to capture: stars are faint, the sky is a moving target,  light pollution and weather get in the way, plus it’s not possible to see more than a fraction of the sky from one location on any given night.  Indeed the survey necessitated travelling 45,000 miles by air and 15,000 by land around the American West and South Africa.

The Sky Survey website has several different versions of the image:  an annotated, interactive version,  various down-loadable creative commons licensed images, and prints for sale.

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