Impressive new crime map from Trulia

Trulia crime map of America

Real estate website has just launched an interactive map showing reported crime in 48 cities across the USA. Like its price reduction map, the application is another result of Trulia’s recent takeover of the geo-visulization company Movity.

The maps allow you to explore and compare numbers of crimes by intersection, with daily reports and details of types of crimes shown. The information is pretty up to date, running up to just a couple of weeks previously.  A heat map option allows you to view relative crime density by area across each city

Trulia crime map, heat map option

Significantly, the maps run in directly in the browser without using Flash, built upon openstreetmap base data.

One major caveat: the maps currently don’t appear to take into account population density – areas can appear as crime hotspots by virtue of being highly populated. But the application is labelled as beta so perhaps it’s something which will be factored in at a latter stage.

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  1. Terry Draw says:

    do you know if there is a interactive map showing the report of the most crime cities across Italy????
    thanks a lot for this information

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