How to Find an SVG Map and More Mapping Goodness from Google

Finding SVG Maps in Google Image Search

Looking for SVG Maps
In the past it’s sometimes been difficult to find scaleable vector maps.  These are useful because they can be scaled to any size without the image quality suffering.  Now you can search directly for SVG files in Google image search

Just go to the advanced image search options and select the SVG filetype, or append filetype:svg to your keywords in any normal search. For example world map filetype:svg would bring back results for an svg map of the world.

On a side note, if you’re a developer here’s a useful new step by step  guide for converting SVGs to Geo Coordinates with PHP.

Instant Terrain and Satellite Maps in Google Search Results

Instead of having to go to Google maps and fiddle with the options to bring up satellite and terrain views, you can now get these instantly in a regular Google search just by appending the terms satellite or terrain to a location name   For instance search for Delhi satellite view.

(via  The Official Google Blog)

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