Holographic maps

A company called Zebra Imaging has some amazing demos on YouTube of 3D holographic prints. These are flat, laminated images, which don’t require any special viewing equipment or wacky glasses, just some front illumination with a simple halogen or LED light source.

This video demonstrates a colour hologram of downtown Seattle using 3D models created in Google SketchUp. The remarkable thing is, the 3D data is really in the panel, meaning you can actually take a tape measure to it and get the height of buildings.

Other clips highlight panels created from different mapping sources such as LIDAR and point clouds, building plans, and examples with other information over-layed. There’s also one of of buildings on the edge of Central Park in New York.

The bottom line: prices start at $700 for a small monochrome print and go up to $3.500 for the largest in colour. You’ll also need to supply the 3D data.

via KeirClarke

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