HIV Map of America

HIV infection map of the USA
Emory university’s HIV map shows the distribution of diagnosed infection rates across the United State for the virus that causes AIDS. Using county-level data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and State health departments the map vividly highlights areas where the disease is most prevalent.

The application allows you to drill down into the data, examining it by data by race, gender and age, This clearly shows the large disparities amongst races and income levels – HIV rates are linked to poverty, and the disease is more prevalent amongst Blacks and Hispanics. With disadvantaged African-Americans having been hit the hardest.

Unfortunately the tool doesn’t give a complete picture – the data is from 2008, several states are missing, and details for areas with very low infection rates data has been withheld to avoid identifying individuals – but even so, it probably provides the most in-depth geographical view of the epidemic thus far.

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