History of poverty – an extraordinary interactive map

History of poverty - interactive map from Christian AidAs part of it’s Poverty-over project, UK-based charity Christian Aid has created a brilliantly over the top interactive world map charting 200 year progress of countries against a poverty scale.

The Flash-based map has a slick intro sequence showing a spinning globe with a 3D thematic map animated over 200 years. During this animation the height and colour of country’s evolve according to their respective placing on the Human Development index (HDI) – pre-1950 GDP per capita is used.

After the introduction the globe unwraps and you get to interact with the data. At this point you can play the 200 year time-line again and/or literally explode the map to narrow the countries shown according to various categories. All the time the map tilts and twists with mouse movements.

Go check it out at povertyover.com.

history of poverty map - countries leaving deep poverty since 1945

via infosthetics.com

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