Hipster States of America

BuzzFeed’s hipster map of the States makes the bold, slightly tongue-in-cheek, claim of locating the hippest part of the United States. As BuzzFeed puts it:

The term “hipster” has been applied to both “elitists” and “poseurs”, those who strive to follow the latest trends and those who buck trends in favor of unique eccentricity.

The map looks at normalized Google Search volumes by State for ‘hipster’.  The source: Google Insights for Search.

Contrary to popular perception, Minnesota comes out as the hippest, New York only at #2:

Map showing hipster search volumes by State

Drilling down to metro areas just confirms Minnesotans hipness with Minneapolis-St Paul’s coming top:

hipster searches by US metro areas

Also by city:

hipster search volumes by city, map

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