Fukushima’s radioactive cloud vs social networks

Another mash-up based on events following the Japan earthquake.  Webnode’s time-animated map lets you compare two sets of information:

  • A simulation mapping the progress of the radioactive plume from the Fukushima nuclear plant, produced by ZAMG. The one we’ve seen before.
  • A thematic map measuring Twitter activity in each country, on topics related to the cloud. This was done by counting keywords such as radioactivity.

The idea: to show whether the cloud’s path influenced social network activity. The author suggests there is a connection between the two – pointing out the intensity of tweets increasing in some countries as the radioactive cloud approaches.

Have to say I’m not convinced it’s anything more than coincidence. Nevertheless the map is a fascinating idea. Not to mention a clever way to market Webnode. Check it out below:

How Fukushima’s Radioactive Cloud influenced Social Networks globally

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