First Complete Image of the Sun

First Ever Photograph of the Far Side of the Sun - NASA, STEREO SECCHI Consortium
NASA has released a 360 degree video of the sun. The first time the far side has been imaged, and the first time Scientists have had a complete view of the star.

This is thanks to NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) – twin satellites that reached opposite orbits around the sun at the beginning of February.

As NASA’s Earth Observatory puts it:

Each STEREO probe photographs half of the Sun and sends the images to Earth, where researchers combine the two views to create a sphere. Seeing the far side allows scientists to better anticipate solar disturbances. In the past, an active sunspot could emerge on the far side of the sun completely hidden from Earth. Then, the sun’s rotation could turn that region toward Earth, spitting flares and clouds of plasma with little warning. Not anymore.

Check out this quick video showing the rotating solar sphere:

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