Energy Efficiency of 40,000 Public Buildings in England and Wales

The Guardian has published a map showing the carbon footprint of 40,146 public buildings in England and Wales. Including every school, hospital, police station and council office. The data comes via a freedom of information request from the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Buildings are rated from A – most efficient – through to G – least efficient – and plotted onto this map.

Unfortunately the Guardian only appear to have used 3 colours for the map markers – green yellow and red – which makes it impossible to see which structure falls exactly in each category – you have to click through to see that information. Also I notice several are misplaced in other European countries.

The map comes from this public Google Fusion Table. You can get a link for embedding the map, or a KML file for Google Earth, by navigating to the map visualization page.

Even if you don’t see man-made climate change as an issue there’s still some incredible energy wastage going on here. Fewer than 200 buildings fall in the top rated category.

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